AI-Powered Tech to Enhance Diagnosis during Patient-Doctor Interactions through Natural Language Processing

A company in Massachusetts, USA called Nuance has developed an AI-powered documentation system that listens to patient-doctor conversations in order to promote better diagnosis. Using Natural Language Processing, the company aims to make diagnosis of conditions more natural, intuitive and precise, without compromising on exam room experience. NLP uses verbal cues to detect the ailments, […]

Robot Snakes being Tested as Potential Surgery Replacement for Brain and Heart Problems

A recent research undertook the testing of miniature snake-like robotic contraptions for purposes of removing clots, lesions and aneurysms in the labyrinth of vessels within the brain. The testing was conducted inside a model of the brain vasculature built specifically for the experiment. Scientists say that they have nearly perfected the physical features of the […]

In the Eye of the Beholder – Autism Patients Process Visual Information Differently Than Normal

A recent study found that visual processing in autism patients is altered from normal perceptual standards due to a phenomenon called binocular rivalry. This causes visual images from both eyes to compete with each other for attention, causing the person to perceive visual cues differently from each eye. The scientists say that this is the […]

You are What (and When) You Eat – Emotional Stress Responses Linked to Eating Behaviors

Scientists recently found that the emotional responses associated with stress, such as frustration, anger, aggression, anxiety and fear might be influencing our eating behaviors. The finding comes from an observation that found the areas of the brain associated with stress response to be neurologically linked to those areas responsible for monitoring eating behaviors. Take the […]

Doctors Have Been Wrong Many Times Before – 3 Pseudo Conditions Born Out of Prejudice

Throughout the years, many conditions have been diagnosed based on nothing more than the prejudice and superstition associated with them, From the contorting of facial features due to riding bicycles for too long, to a condition that affected slaves when they became too lazy, these pseudo conditions found their origins in cultural prejudices and bias. […]

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