Your Memories are Biological Stories – Scientists Discover New Model of Memory Maintenance

Scientists discovered that the process of creating long lasting memories had numerous intricate biological stories associated with it. The process involves isolation chambers, journeys through synaptic chasms, biophysical force-fields and more! The hero of this story seems to be the protein called CPEB3, which seems to strengthen synaptic connections, thereby giving rise to long-lasting memories. […]

Incision-Less Surgery is Now a Reality! – Ultrasound Used for Treating Brain Disorders

Insightec, an Israeli bio-medical company, have developed a technique by which focused ultrasound waves can be used to stimulate parts of the brain, like the thalamus, to alleviate brain tremors. The condition, for which previously there were only invasive surgical techniques, causes parts of the victim’s body to start shaking uncontrollably. With the new technology, […]

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