Corporate Greed Causing Desensitizing of Healthcare Industry Dr. Eric Topol has criticized the way in which corporations are leeching out the authenticity and shifting the focus of healthcare away from the patients. Dr Topol, a cardiologist from California, mentioned the need for doctors to organize themselves against the commercialization and business-based aspects of health and […]

Mentally Challenged Children in Kolkata Express Themselves through Art

Aesthetics of Divergence – Art Exhibition by Mentally Challenged Children in Calcutta An art exhibition in Calcutta that put up the creations of mentally challenged children has become the latest expression of personal freedom and artistic liberation. The children who participated in the exhibition used illustrations and paintings to communicate aspirations, social dynamics, and other […]

Feeling Lazy? Blame your Genes! – Procrastination Linked with Genetic Composition

A recently published study stated that the tendency to procrastinate might have genetic origins. The study examined how a gene called tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) increases the levels of dopamine in the brain, thereby increasing susceptibility to distractions. The researchers mentioned that dopamine enhances “cognitive processing of disturbing influences” which is one of the main reasons […]

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